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It feels



Up to 1.57″ thick sole


Made from PEVA

TreadPoo 101 Sole Thickness

Thick sole

Thicker means comfier. We made the sole as thick as 1.38″ and 1.57″

TreadPoo 101 High Friction

High friction

Safety is our top priority. PEVA combined with rough texture adds friction

TreadPoo 101 6 Colors


Pick your favorite color from 6 shiny and authentic colors

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$5 off for 2 pairs, $12 off 3+ pairs

Bought a pair for my Grandma who has hardwood and tile floors and dealing with foot issues. Figured these may help her when walking around the house. She loves them so much she hasn’t even had them a full year and is wanting another pair. Not shoes to walk on road with as they are so soft anything hard like a rock or pebble gets stuck in them. They’re like fluffy cloud marshmallow shoes! Perfect for walking around the house in and she wears them all over despite the pebbles and such getting stuck in them. Glad I got these for her and that she loves them so much. They’ve really helped her. Great gift or buy for yourself.

Highly recommend!


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