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Little Danny shouts passionately to his younger sister Debby, “Look what I’ve found!” Debby runs over, full of excitement, “Wow…”.

This scene could happen in any family. When someone discovers something exciting and favourable, they will share the discovery with their closest family or friends to benefit the people they love.
This is what I do in Yankee101. My name is Levi, and I am a middle-aged Canadian man. I don’t do as much shopping as my wife does. However, I use a method similar to standard industrial purchasing procedures when shopping. I will explore unlimited possibilities and generate a dozen sets of features and specifications, then use them to match my multi-level requirements and budget. The loop does not stop there. When I finally buy the ultimately chosen product, I will carefully use it for a while and thoroughly review it to make sure it meets my requirement. Sounds unbelievable? It became my nature.

In Yankee101, I carefully selected everything myself. Each of the listed products should bring you a benefit and meet my goal of sharing what’s the best for you. Every time a product passes through my selection process, I’m just as relieved and excited as the little Danny in the beginning. I am about to shout, “Look what I’ve found!”

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