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The founding of Yankee101 – An online shopping store

The history

The idea of an online shopping store came to my mind in 1997. Later that year, I had a chance to create a simple website for a local pharmaceutical company. The website introduced the company, its address, phone number, and its products, with a form to collect inquiries. As a matter of fact, it received a few hundred views in a year, almost all done by myself (with a few exceptions, though, the company’s chairman checked it once on my computer).

Evolving of Yankee101

It was not a successful project, but it brings possibilities for an entity to reach out to the world. People might foresee the prosperity of online shopping, but not the path and the driving force, including myself.
Two decades passed, during this pandemic period, people would have to quarantine to fight through the Covid virus. Online shopping came to a boost in the year 2020. As the pandemic went up and down, people realized that this wasn’t a short-term battle. It could last a few years, even leaving us used to the quarantine life forever. And the passive action of online shopping became a natural habit. With the infrastructure going mature rapidly, I believe this pandemic has undoubtedly shaped our life of quarantine period and afterward.

The Foundation

Many things have been maturing in online shopping in the last two decades. At the infrastructure level, many e-commerce portals arose, such as Shopify, Squarespace, WooCommerce. Payment processing portals play an ever-important role in collecting payment, such as Paypal, Stripe. Dropshipping supplier platforms are rarely heard by the crowd. Still, they played a critical role in the online shopping industry, such as AliExpress and DSers. The prosperity is primarily a result of online promotion and advertising channels such as Facebook and Google, including their efficient delivery networks worldwide. With Saas services, these software and sophisticated IT technologies make opening an online store easy yet powerful.

The result

This ever-maturing industry has called my attention again, so here comes my online store called Yankee101. I would constantly seek products with a creative design. I would also try it myself and list it in my online store only if the product is worth spreading. Please feel free to browse the collections.

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